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OptiGroove Groove profile measuring/decision system

In 2010 additional specifications will be added to
the rules governing grooves on club faces. The OptiGroove is a tool designed to quickly and accurately analyse the profile
of a golf club’s grooves.   The software will allow users to measure samples against both the existing and the new specifications.

This product is fully designed and supervised
by The R&A. We are The R&A’s authorised distributor, providing the sales and customer supports exclusively for Japan and Asian territories.

The standard package contains a fully calibrated,
high resolution imaging sensor and a sample preparation kit, together with an integrated software controller. The method involves taking a replica of the grooves, and some high specification replicating compound is also included. Further options include additional replication compound, travel case and a calibration fixture.

Offering Global Standard Balancers / Sports Equipment Test systems

We’ve been supplying the Static Balancers employing the unique stiff-pivot method based on

the single plane imbalance test technology acquired from MICROPOISE, with over a half-century of experience.

Besides producing the precision component balancers and peripheral devices, we offer customized applications, retrofitting and upgrades for existing machines, and a periodic maintenance program.

Additionally, we’ve been providing sales & maintenance service in Asia as the exclusive distributor for Automated Design Corporation (hereafter referred to as “ADC”) with a high reputation in engineering Sports Equipment Test machines, particularly in the Golf Equipment Testing Systems, since 1998.

Our Static Balancer requires no rotation for measurement

The original Static Balancers have continuously been highly evaluated in various industries,
such as Automotive, Aircraft and Ship building.

In fact, the superior rigidity of the structure keeps many machines more than 20 years-old
perfectly active in service. This proven technology has long established itself as providing superior balance quality control and a long life-cycle at a minimum cost to the customer.

We have been and will provide various customizations
per requirements based upon the successful balance technology.


For many years, each Sporting Equipment manufacturer has had to rely completely on individual specifications and self-made test machines for testing conformance, characteristics, and endurance.
Based on their outstanding cannon devices and velocity screen technology, ADC is developing
and supplying the global-standard in test equipment, satisfying the recommended specifications
from sporting organizations such as USGA, R&A and BRC.

To let each equipment manufacturer make the best use of the standardized data for performance/endurance/ruling conformity and also to generate a particular decision or test criterion, ADC can customize the design to your specifications, with plenty of optional features to choose from.

June 2009

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