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Sports Equipment Testing System

For many years, each Sporting Equipment manufacturer has had to rely completely on individual specifications and self-made test machines for testing conformance, characteristics, and endurance. Based on their outstanding cannon devices and velocity screen technology, ADC is developing and supplying the global-standard in test equipment, satisfying the recommended specifications from sporting organizations such as USGA, R&A and BRC.

To let each equipment manufacturer make the best use of the standardized data for performance/endurance/ruling conformity and also to generate a particular decision or test criterion, ADC can customize the design to your specifications, with plenty of optional features to choose from.

Examples of Available Models

In 2010, additional specifications will be added to the Rules governing grooves on club faces. The OptiGroove is a tool designed to quickly and accurately analyse the status of a golf club’s grooves. The software will allow users to measure samples against both the existing and new specifications.

This product is fully designed and supervised by The R&A. We are The R&A’s authorised distributor, providing sales and customer support exclusively for Japan and Asian territories.

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Golf Ball Dynamic Test System for R&D and Performance Inspection. Launch angle, Ball spins are precisely set by the operator.
Fully conforms to the Golf Ball Launcher for ITR (Indoor Test Range) per USGA specifications. ITR system using ADC’s original i-Beam infra-red sensor screens is optionally available.

Golf Ball Dynamic Test System

i-Beam infra-red sensor screens

Golf Ball ITR/OTR Launcher-ABTS
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The tennis ball is fired at a maximum speed of 285KPH (+/-1.5m repeatability) against a series of ground-steel plates (3) then retrieved and recycled through the system for endurance testing.
Each inbound velocity data detected by the I-Beam sensor screens is transferred and saved to a spreadsheet on the customer’s computer.

Tennis Ball Inspection System
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The ADC SuperCannon fires 1.68”-1.72” golf balls with a velocity repeatability of +/-0.6 feet per second at speeds up to 240 FPS. A programmable face mapping system is optionally available to execute shots at various spots on the club face with a servo-motor driven club positioning system.

Club Endurance Tester

Club Endurance Tester
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The pendulum apparatus is designed by the R&A/USGA for validating the Club face spring-like effect, officially controlled since January 2008. We distribute this device only to the customers in Asia who obtained the license from R&A. Quite a few of the pendulum devices assembled and tested by ADC have been provided to U.S., Europe and Asian countries.

USGA pendulum

USGA COR Pendulum
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ADC three-axis robot control interface allows the user to define points in time (three minimum, unlimited maximum), similar to creating an animation. The points are then used to interperate an entire swing profile. Using this method, users can quickly and easily create an infinite amount of swing profiles using a natural language and a spreadsheet-like interface. All swing profiles can be saved and exported.

Green Master (Putting Club Tester)
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This is the baseball bat endurance testing system MLB Research Center and ADC jointly developed to precisely fire the ball of 2.86-3.00 dia. at 96km-288km against the target of the bat freely clamped in the test chamber. Optionally available: Automatic position indexing for striking targets of the bat. Easy changeover for Softball, Hard rubber ball and Park Golf ball testing environments.

Bat Tester

Baseball bat
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In this system, the ADC air cannon fires 2.75-inch dia. tennis balls at velocities from 90-275fps (100-300km) against the racquet for testing string endurance.
Automatic operation is available with user-programmable racquet positioning in 4 axes for up to 30 positions, either from the PC screen or joystick.

Racket Tester
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This bench-top compact device is designed to measure dimensions, compression and weight of the Golf ball/ball core automatically.
Ball seam diameter is measured by a laser micrometer, then compression and pole-to-pole dimension is measured, and finally the weight. Individual test data is transferred to the spreadsheet on the user’s computer.
Available for automated application and for non-Golf ball testing.

Ball tester

Material tester

Ball initial velocity tester

Tee loader

Ball Compression Tester
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This system is designed for Golf Ball and Core Coefficient OF Restitution &
Durability testing. It accurately fires the ball against a heavy ground steel plate and the built-in ADC i-Beam sensor detects each shot for inbound, rebound and launch angle. The “VelociGraph” speed chronograph computes COR and transfers the data to the user computer.

Golf Ball COR Test System
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